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A trendy way of drinking your coffee and tea​

Fresh and Organic tea and coffee beans

Bubbleffea uses fresh and organic materials. All the tea leaves are planted and grown locally in China. The coffee beans are roasted in Colombia. 

Freshly blended fruit with premium quality tea topped with deliciously indulgent sea salted cream

Creamy with a bit of sea salt savoury that floats on top of the freshly blended fruit and tea.

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Bubbleffea is a brand offering a trendy and untraditional way of drinking your coffee or tea. Blending drinking culture from the Far East with the west. 
Bubbleffea's Favourites

Cups with two toppings will be upgraded to 16oz / 500ml


  • Classic Ice Bubble Coffee
  • Classic Ice Bubble Tea
  • Ice Jelly Americano
  • Ice Cloudy Americano

Fruit Tea

  • Iced Cloudy Peach Jasmine Tea
  • Ice Cloudy Strawberry Jasmine Tea
Cold Brew Coffee

One Size: 12oz / 360ml

Add two toppings, cup size will be upgraded to 16oz / 500ml

  • Ice Americano
  • Ice Coffee with Milk

Recommended topping: 

  • Sea Salted Cream
  • Coffee Jelly 
  • Tapioca Pearls
Cold Brew Tea

One Size: 12oz / 360ml

Add two toppings, cup size will be upgraded to 16oz / 500ml

  • Ice Jasmine Tea
  • Ice Black Tea
  • Ice Black Tea with Milk
  • Ice Jasmine Tea with Fruit (Peach, Mango or Strawberry)

Recommended topping:

  • Sea Salted Cream
  • Coconut Jelly
  • Tea Jelly 
  • Tapioca Pearls
Hot Brew Coffee and Tea

One Size: 8oz / 200ml

  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Capuccino
  • Latte
  • Earl Grey

**All drinks are served cold with ice. Drinks with milk contain dairy.

Bubbleffea Story

About the brand

In the bubble tea (also known as boba tea) industry, almost 80% of bubble tea consumers worldwide are from the Far East. Many bubble tea brands offer no other beverage but tea as the basis for their drinks. In the west, coffee remains enormously popular when compared to tea. Most cafes will offer either coffee or tea.

2020 has been an eventful year for everyone throughout the world. We thought why not establish a brand that blends the culture from the east to the west by bringing bubble tea and coffee together in one single location?

Bubbleffea was born. A brand where you can buy bubble tea, classic coffee and perhaps taking an adventure by trying coffee with some bubble toppings or sea salted cream.

Why Bubbbleffea? So, the key figures…

The global bubble tea market size valued at US$1.89bn in 2018, is projected to reach US$3.49bn by the end of 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 8.09% during the forecast period (2019 – 2026). The global coffee market is expected to reach US$102.3bn by growing at a CAGR of 4.32% during the forecast period in 2018- 2023.

A new and trendy way of
drinking your coffee and tea.​

Want to join Bubbleffea and be your own boss?

Bubbleffea offers franchise opportunities. It’s easy and is a low investment to join the team.

Why not be part of a positive change and let us support you.

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Go Green

Bubbleffea uses cups made from plant-based PLA – certified 100% compostable and paper straws.

We believe every little change will contribute to the world.

Every Cup Counts

Bubbleffea is a brand which wants to contribute and help to improve lives within the community. We only offer trailer business ownership to people who have the motivation, drive and more than anything want a chance to move forward with their lives.

Food Trailer Style

Bubbleffea can operate in the mobile food trailer providing mobility and lower risk in rental. It can be found in parks, streets, commercial buildings and residential areas etc.

Bubbleffea will be fully compliant with Food Safety and Hygiene regulations and all food trailers are licensed.

Know the ingredients

All Bubbleffea products use fresh materials, with no artificial colouring or preservatives. 

Tea leaves are sourced from China and Colombian coffee beans. 

Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca balls are translucent spheres produced from tapioca, a starch extracted from the cassava root. 

It’s rolled into a ball shape and cooked in sugar water so it gives a bit of chewy texture which is delicious when paired with either a fruit tea or coffee.

Sea Salted Cream

Ingredients are: soft cheese, condensed milk, whipped cream, milk and a pinch of sea salt. 

It has a creamy and foamy texture with a tang of sea salt savouriness.

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