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Go Green

Bubbleffea uses cups made from plant-based PLA – certified 100% compostable and paper straws.

We believe every little change will contribute to the world.

Every Cup Counts

Bubbleffea is a brand which wants to contribute and help to improve lives within the community. We only offer trailer business ownership to people who have the motivation, drive and more than anything want a chance to move forward with their lives.

Food Trailer Style

Bubbleffea can operate in the mobile food trailer providing mobility and lower risk in rental. It can be found in parks, streets, commercial buildings and residential areas etc.

Bubbleffea will be fully compliant with Food Safety and Hygiene regulations and all food trailers are licensed.

Is Bubbleffea a right choice?

A dedicated domain and landing page

We offer franchisees a dedicated domain name for their locations, for example https://yourlocation.bubbleffea.com.

In-house Click & Collect system

Regardless of your trading method, we offer an in-house built Click and Collect system to your page. This is a Cost effective way to manage your sales and customers.

Low investment and operational cost

Bubbleffea involves simple daily operations and can trade virtually anywhere. The total investment required for setting up Bubbleffea is very low compared to a normal retail setup.

Business supplement

Already running a store and looking for an additional revenue stream? Let Bubbleffea step in and help you to grow your business quicker.

Just something different

A brand that blends the culture from the east to the west by bringing bubble tea and classic coffee together in one single location.

User experience, product and environment

Bubbleffea cares for its customers, the quality of the drinks and it aims to be an environmentally friendly brand by going plastic free where possible.

Want to join Bubbleffea and be your own boss?

Bubbleffea offers franchise opportunities. It’s easy and is a low investment to join the team.

Why not be part of a positive change and let us support you.

Send us a message today. 



A Trendy Way of Drinking your Coffee and Tea